One of the most difficult things, at least from my point of view, is talking about himself. This section has taken by far the most time when I wrote it. Nevertheless, I’ll try to do my best. So let’s start, I am:


My primary occupation is, not surprisingly, in the IT sector. From a private passion for building and working with computers raised a profession that nowadays is responsible for my daily living. I started back in the mid-eighties when a soldering iron was still widely used to assemble computers. It was a time before computers became widely used in private households. Usually, there was no operating system in place and instead, a simple programming language like BASIC was started directly from a chip on the motherboard. As a consequence, you had to program everything yourself but you have gotten on the other hand a really good insight into how computer technology works. In the end, this was a really good experience for me and still helps me to efficiently drive various IT challenges.

But, as time goes by, it’s not only the hair that becomes greyer, my profession has slightly changed as well. It’s still IT, but my role moved away from pure technical problem-solving towards project and team-leading, IT architecture as well as contract negotiations. The good thing is that these constant moves keep my mindset fresh and I still learn a lot of new things every day. This is definitely challenging but worth doing it.

Besides my day-by-day profession, I engage in the open-source scene where I, at least from time to time, contribute to open-source projects. Also, most of my own projects are open-source projects. You’ll find them if you click on projects in the upper left of my website. Besides all the time I spend on IT, I have enjoyed driving a motorcycle, for some years also on the racetrack which is really big fun. I share more information about this fascinating hobby under the link Motorrad (German).

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