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Sun, 7 Jan. 2024     Thomas Bendler     ~ 1 min to read

Most DJ software creates a so-called CUE file that includes the played tracks as well as the position and time in the mix where the tracks have been played. This is already pretty cool, but the format is neither really made for humans, nor is it recognized by platforms like for example YouTube. So, if you would like to upload your mix and post the track list in the description, you need to convert the CUE file into something more human-readable format. The following Python script is exactly doing this. A nice side-effect is, that if you use the converted track list in the YouTube description, YouTube will automatically use the information in the video controls so you can jump from track to track in the mix.

To easily see what ID3 tags has been populated on a given set of MP3 files, I wrote a small script that shows the ID3 tags of all MP3 files in a given directory.


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